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Family Violence
Coordinating Council
In 1995 a task force identified family violence as a priority health problem in Cecil County. The task force was to develop a plan to decrease this identified health problem. Simultaneously, there was a Domestic Violence Advisory Committee for the Domestic Violence/Rape Crisis Program. In 1998 the two groups merged and became the Cecil County Family Violence Coordinating Council with the purpose of decreasing the amount of incidences of family violence by creating system for the coordinated community response and to set a community standard of zero tolerance for family violence in Cecil County.
Membership Consists Of:
 District and Circuit Courts
State’s Attorney’s Office
State & Local Law Enforcement
Social Services
Health Department
Counseling Services
Union Hospital
Public Schools
Parole & Probation
 For membership information please call: 410-996-0174. Meetings are held every other month starting in January on the second Monday at 3:30 pm
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