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Help Center

135 East High Street

Elkton, MD 21921

Food Pantry Hours:


9am-12pm 1-3:30pm

The last shoppers are taken at 11:45am and 3:15pm

Home Energy Program


Volunteers for Food Pantry


The CAC, Bridge and HTTF

By appointment only

Child Advocacy Center (CAC)


Child Protective Services Assessors: These specially trained workers conduct forensic interviews, assess children’s safety, and make appropriate recommendations or decisions to ensure that safety needs are met.

Law Enforcement Officers: Officers are responsible for conducting investigations. This includes determining if a crime has been committed which includes gathering information and evidence, and presenting the information to the judicial system for consideration of criminal prosecution. Responsibilities also include making arrests and presenting courtroom testimony.

State Prosecutor: The prosecutor evaluates investigations for potential prosecution. Responsibilities include preparing criminal charges, guiding matters through the legal process, presenting evidence at trial, and pursuing post-trial remedies.

Family Advocate: The advocate provides crisis intervention and supportive services. Referrals are made to pertinent community resources. Families are provided with education regarding the investigation process, preparing for court, and the impact of child maltreatment.

Medical Director: The doctor provides on-site medical evaluations for the purpose of collecting evidence and ensuring the well-being of a child victimized by sexual/physical abuse or neglect. The doctor also provides consultation and feedback to the multidisciplinary team at the CAC.

Children’s Therapist: The therapist has specialized training in treating children who have experienced trauma in the form of sexual/physical abuse, witnessing domestic violence, or the loss of a sibling. Assessments are completed, and ongoing therapy includes creative modalities to facilitate healing and stabilization.

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